King Suratha and Samadhi seek knowledge from the Rishi Medhas

"She, the adorable goddess, is truly called Mahamaya: the Great Illusion. By Her this whole universe is created. When pleased, She blesses mankind and brings them to their final emancipation.
She is the knowledge supreme; She is the eternal cause ...."


The Rishi begins the story of the Mahamaya.

"..The light from unconquerable Lord Shiva became Her face; from the light of Yama came Her hair; from Vishnu’s light Her arms; by Soma’s light Her breasts; Her waist by Indra’s light, by Varuna’s light Her....


The Great Goddess Ambika slays the demon Mahishasura.

..Seeing the Mother Ambika slay that whole army the Asura General Chikshura advanced enraged. He rained arrows on Her like clouds of rain on Mount Meru. She cut his masses of arrows easily with Her own arrows...

As she spoke She leapt up and landed on that Asura, pinning him down by Her foot on his neck, She...


The Devas praise the Goddess

“We bow to the Goddess Ambika whose body expresses the collective power of the hosts of gods, to Her who evolved the whole world by Her power, She who is all–pervading, may She bless us with auspiciousness...


The Devas, vanquished by the demons Shumbha and Nishumbha invoke the Goddess with their praise.

"We surrender to that one who is tender as the moonlight, who bestows happiness, we reverence Her continually.
We bow to Kalyani who enables us to perfect ourselves.
We bow to Lakshmi who prospers us.
We bow to Sharvarni ..."


Dhumralochana is slayed

..This outraged the demon troops. They released showers of arrows, javelins and axes on Ambika.
The lion, vehicle of the Goddess rose in anger, shook his mane, and roaring violently, fell upon the wicked asura army. Some he slaughtered with blows ...


Chamunda, the one who killed the rakshasas chanda and munda

Then, as commanded, the Asuras Chanda and Munda marched forth with their army, all four battalions with weapons raised and ready. Soon they saw the Devi serenely composed, mounted on Her lion, at the ...


The slaying of raktabija

....Then Chandika saw that terrible army advance. She twanged Her bowstring.
The sound vibrated all the space between Earth and Heaven.
Then, O King, the lion gave a mighty roar and Ambika magnified those roars by clanging Her bell.
Kali opened wide Her terrible mouth and filled the quarters with the sound “Hum.”
She overwhelmed the noises of the bowstring, the lion and the bell...


The slaying of nishumbha

Then the great Goddess Durga, destroyer of all difficulties, became angry and split those discuses and arrows with Her own arrows.
Nishumbha then took up his mace and, surrounded by his army, rushed at Chandika to kill Her.
Even as he came She clove his club with a sharp sword. He grabbed a pike.
As Nishumbha came at Her with his dart She pierced him in the heart with Her swift pike.
From his pierced heart another valiant warrior emerged saying, “Stop!”
Laughing vigorously the Devi cut off his head as he was speaking...


The slaying of shumbha

..The mighty weapons he employed She, Parameshwari, easily smashed with a forceful sound of “Hum!”


The Devas sing the praise of the Great Goddess.

"...You alone are the foundation of everything. You stand in the form of the Earth.
All this universe gets satisfaction from You in the form of water.
You have limitless courage. You are the Vishnu Shakti.
You are the ultimate power of Maya, the seed-source of the universe...."


The Immaculate Goddess blesses Her devotees.

"...Therefore this poem of My majesty must be recited and listened to with full attention and sincere devotion, for it is the supreme source of blessings.
May this poem of My glories now quell all epidemics and calamities of mind, body and spirit.
The place of My sanctuary, where this poem is chanted constantly, will always be My dwelling place. I will never forsake that place...."


"..O King! Go to Her for refuge, She is the supreme ruler. She is the one who when worshipped bestows enjoyment and heaven and final liberation..."

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