chapter 12

Chapter 12

The Goddess said:

And whoever, with full attention, regularly praises Me with these hymns, I will quiet every trouble for him.
And when this story is told of the slaying of Madhu and Kaitabha, of the destruction of the asura Mahisha, and the slaughter of Shumbha and Nishumbha, then both those who sing it and those who listen with devotion to this story of My sublime majesty on the eighth, ninth and fourteenth days of the lunar fortnight; to them no trouble shall come nor any calamities from wrong doing, nor poverty, nor separation from loved ones.
They shall not experience fear from enemies, from robbers or rulers, from fire or flood or any weapon.
Therefore this poem of My majesty must be recited and listened to with full attention and sincere devotion, for it is the supreme source of blessings.
May this poem of My glories now quell all epidemics and calamities of mind, body and spirit.
The place of My sanctuary, where this poem is chanted constantly, will always be My dwelling place. I will never forsake that place.
On all occasions of auspicious worship, when offerings are made to the Earth, and at the fire ceremony, all this story of My actions must be told and heard.
I will accept with kindliness the offerings made on these occasions both by the people who know the protocols and by those who do not know but who are sincere devotees.
During the annual Autumn ceremony when My worship is performed, anyone who listens with faith to this poem of My majesty, will be delivered by My grace from any troubles and be blessed with children, riches and sustenance.
Listening to My glorification brings blessings of fearlessness and heroic deeds. Enemies are vanquished and prosperity accrues. Families are joyful.
On every occasion whether at peaceful ceremony or at times when the planets foretell misfortune or to dispel nightmares; this poem may be chanted, then those difficulties are dispelled.
It produces peace in children who have become disturbed and heals rifts between people when friendships are split.
It absolutely weakens all evildoers. Devils, ghosts and demons are destroyed by its chanting.
This complete praise of Me brings the devotee very close to Me.
And by offerings of animals, flowers, welcoming drinks, incenses and lamps, by feeding wise men, by fire ceremonies, by daily sprinkling holy water and all other offerings – the blessings which come from all these will come to My devotee who only listens once to this recitation with love for Me. They will have perfect health and protection.
This celebration of My manifestations and description of My battles frees men from foes and from fear itself.
And these hymns composed by Rishis and the praise composed by Brahma himself bestow pure thoughts.
Anyone caught in a forest fire or in a lonely place or in water or endangered by robbers or wild animals or imprisoned or tossed in a tempest at sea or surrounded in battle by terrible weapons, if they remember this story of My power their troubles will vanish.

The Rishi said:

As the beloved Chandika finished speaking She vanished from the sight of the adoring Gods.
Then the Gods, now free of fear, were able to resume their proper roles and enjoy their share of the offerings.
Since the fierce demons Shumbha and Nishumbha were now destroyed all other demons fled back to hell.
Thus, O King, the adorable Devi, although She is eternal, incarnates again and again to safeguard the world.
By Her this whole universe is put under delusion and it is She who creates it all, when entreated She bestows pure knowledge, when gratified, She grants prosperity.
O King! By Her, by Mahakali who is the great destroying Goddess at the end of time, by Her the whole cosmos is pervaded.
At the proper time She is indeed Maha Mari, the great destroyer. She is also the unborn who becomes this Creation when it is time for renewed creation. She is the eternal being who sustains created beings at the time of stability.
She is Laxmi at the time of prosperity, bestowing blessings in the homes of mankind.
When She is absent, she is Alaxmi, the cause of destitution in times of misfortune.
When praised and worshipped with flowers and incense, She bestows children and full consciousness.

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